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IT'S TIME to invest in yourself to SAVE 40 hours a year.


Ten… minutes a day   x   Five… days a week   =   Forty… hours a year

This is the key, the formula, to EASILY uncovering an extra 40 hours per year doing what you currently do on your computer.

Each and every year!

Just 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, equals 40 hours a year!


Ten simple minutes…


Looking at actions that you do OVER AND OVER, and either eliminating them, or reducing the steps, in an effort to save 10 minutes a day, will ultimately give you an additional work week of productivity (or, give you an additional VACATION week of relaxation!).

If you spend just a few hours a day at your computer, you can use this program to get back at least 40 hours per year…


What would you do with that time? Would you take a week off? Would you make more money? Would you spend it with family?


Learn how to get those 40 hours next year!

I have been a Windows user for over 20 years, and just after watching three videos I can already see how this is going to save me time.
Rob D.

Sitting in front of the computer eight hours a day can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Now that I have a few of these quick tips, I can get a lot more done during my day.
Joe S.

The Belarc video is gold to me because I’m now able to answer some of the technical questions whenever I call my office tech-support.
Mary W.

Tip 4: Auto Launch Applications


About the Program

The TenFiveForty program consists of 14 easy to follow videos. Each of the 14 videos covers a quick, easy-to-implement “tip” to help you speed up your computer usage immediately. Either by getting your computer to work faster, or giving you the tools you need to tell the computer what you want in less steps. These videos are short and to the point. Most are about 4 minutes long. Yet, what you learn when you get through them can save you 40 hours in the next year!



In these videos you will discover how to:

  • Speed up your computer by knowing what is slowing it down, and knowing what to do about it!
  • Quickly open applications and documents by using the keyboard, saving you a trip to the mouse.
  • Swiftly complete repetitive tasks, or get them done “automatically”.
  • Name your files systematically so you find them faster and know you’re working on the latest version.
  • Work with email effectively, saving you time and frustration with “back-and-forth” communication.
    (and learn a trip or two on how to TRAIN OTHERS to send you effective emails).
  • Type documents faster, and learn about the advantages of voice to text dictation.
  • Instantly know if the peripherals (monitors, scanners, mice, keyboards, etc) on your system are the most efficient for you.
  • plus a whole lot more!

Get started today!


Using the uninstallation tips, I was able to remove 15 applications that I never used, and now my computer boots up to two minutes faster.
Josh L.

I was scared that this is going to be too technical, and after a few videos I realize the simplicity and ease of working better with my computer.
Alan L.

I was so impressed with the videos that I showed my boss and he decided to hold a half-day training session where my coworkers and I could watch and learn together.
William R.

Tip 11: Minimize All Windows


About the Facilitator

Nathan Paul Womack is a top technology consultant residing in Boulder, CO. He has been showing his clients how to squeeze more RESULTS from their computer use for 19 years.

Nathan has a passion for his clients. He’s frustrated when he sees them not getting maximum performance from their systems. Especially when he knows it’s SO easy. He does his best to help each one personally, but he is only one guy. And not even his staff knows all of his tips!

So, Nathan found a solution. He videoed 14 of his “top tips”. These are the same tips he shares with his clients in one-on-one sessions. (click here to watch Nathan talk about his experience!)

And, Nathan is not your normal “techie”. He actually explains everything so you can understand what to do. He is quite good at it. He has to be. His business depends on it!


Time is Money. SAVE BOTH!

These videos will save you time. Over 40 hours a year. How much is 40 hours worth to you?

Once you watch these videos, you will put the tips into action, and you will gain at least 40 hours… each and every year.



Special No-Risk Guarantee.  Watch all the videos. Watch them as many times as you need.  Review later.  Implement all the tips and techniques. Do this for a full year. If you don’t feel you have saved at least 10 minutes a day (that’s at least 40 hours a year!), you can request a full, no-questions asked refund.



I don’t like being called a dummy, so I always stayed away from those books. These videos did not make me feel like a dummy. Instead, they just showed me things that I’ve never seen.
Larry P.

These videos aren’t anything complex. They were so educational and informative that I’m realizing just how stagnant I’ve been in my own personal education in the past couple of years.
James H.

I had no idea who Nathan Womack was, but after watching the three free videos, I was eager for more info. So I bought it, and that was money well spent.
Karen H.

The start menu tricks were brilliant. You save me at least 30 clicks a day. Thank you!
Michael R.